1-part STP-adhesive

STP-adhesive COSMO HD-100.110

Product description

1-part STP-adhesive for a lot of application possibilities, particularly for many different kinds of application in the vehicle manufacturing and for vehicle superstructures.

COSMO HD-100.110 has an excellent adhesive strength, forwarded the surfaces have been prepared accordingly, is also processable at a low working temperature from 0°C on and has an elastic glued joint after the hardening up.

High flexibility thanks universal application possibilities

COSMO HD-100.110 achieves a particularly good adhesion on the following materials:

  • metals like steel, aluminium or stainless steel (grounded, galvanised or anodised)
  • ceramic materials
  • a lot of plastic materials like e.g. PC, ABS with PMMA-coating
  • fibre-glass reinforced plastics
  • high pressure laminate (HPL)
  • PUR-integral foams
  • PS-foams

Special characteristics

  • slight shrinkage
  • good adhesion values on different surfaces
  • compensates different elongations of different materials thanks to its elastic joint
  • high bonding strength of the joints
  • high initial adhesion for assembly works
  • very good UV-stability / UV-colour-stability
  • good weather resistance in the exterior
  • immediately paintable
  • processable from 0°C up
  • solvent-free
  • very low emission - classified in the EMICODE class EC1PLUS in compliance with the criterions of the GEV
  • not subject to labelling
  • tin-free
  • elastic high-tensile, 72 Shore A

Technical information

1-part moisture cross-linked STP-polymer
Film property:
low-viscous - paste-like
290ml PE-euro-cartridge, 600ml aluminium / PE-tubular bag

APPLICATION EXAMPLES Bonding and sealing of

  • vehicle construction / vehicle body construction
  • butt joint bonding of sheet metal sandwich plates/ U-, H-, L- and T-angle profiles
  • natural stone in the exterior
  • sealing of trailer bottom to exterior wall
  • repair- and assembly bonding
  • fixing signs
  • treatment of natural stone
  • baseboards
  • staircase steps
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