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Cleaning & Care Service Set 


The products:

Cleansing milk
Abrasive, solvent-free intensive cleanser for anodized aluminium windows, doors and roller shutters as well as for polyurethane windows and for all white PVC windows and roller shutters.

COLOR special cleaner
Washing active tenside cleaner for all window and door surfaces, also powder-coated ones, as well as for foil-clad and laminated wood decor profiles and door panels. Also cleans glass, metal and plastic surfaces free of streaks.

Gasket care
For maintenance and servicing of the gaskets. Sustains the softness and prevents gaskets to stick on the profile in summer as well as to freeze on the profile in winter.

Fitting oil
For maintenance and servicing of the fittings and hinges. Sustains the required gliding properties of the moving parts, thus prevents the metals from grinding dry in combination with corroding / digging in. Also provides additional rust protection.

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