Special Cleaners

The special solvent based cleaners for window profiles are available for a wide range of stain removal and cleaning tasks and with different concentrations (cleaning intensity). The cleaners do not contain any chlorinated hydrocarbons (CKW/CFC)



Non-dissolving plastics-cleaner
with anti-static agent, especially for processing and assembly cleaning of PVC windows.

Particularly good for removing residue from protection foils and also not corroding laminated profiles. The anti-static agent prevents the window profiles from attracting dirt so quickly.

Cleaning of various plastic types, including PVC, PMMA, PC, SAN, and film-laminated surfaces

Technical data sheet

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COSMO CL-300.120 

Lightly dissolving PVC cleaner
used for white PVChard profiles in the PVC-window construction.

COSMO CL-300.120  is especially suitable for the glue preparation and the removing of marks and rough soilings. COSMO CL-300.120
 is suitable for the cleaning of different non-transparent thermo- and durosetting plastics for a lot of different industrial applications.

Technical data sheet

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COSMO CL-300.110 

Soluble cleaner

for polishing and smoothing material for hard PVC.

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COSMO CL-300.150 

Aluminum Cleaner
quick drying cleaner with a mild fragrance used for powder-coated or anodised profiles.

COSMO CL-300.150  removes dust, adhesive remainders from protection foils, wax pencil, rubber traces, fresh PUR-foam and fresh remainders of sealing compounds, as well as tar- and bitumen splashers. COSMO CL-300.150  is used for the cleaning of the parts to be bonded before their gluing, also for the cleaning of the tools, and for the removing of fresh remainders of 1-component- and 2-componentpolyurethane- adhesives and of 2-component-epoxy-adhesives.

Technical data sheet

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