PVC Repair

COSMO SP-710.110 

Repair mass
Damaged and false holes in PVC profiles can be fixed very quickly and securely with this repair mass (liquid resin and powder).

COSMO SP-710.110 is available in white. COSMO SP-710.110 hardly shrinks whilst hardening. Even when the damage is vertical or large, the high viscosity of COSMO SP-710.110 (thixotrope) prevents the mass from running. The repair mass ensures an excellent adhesion.

COSMO SP-710.110 is supplied in a set with ready to use portions including mixing spatulas

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COSMO SL-660.150 

Assembly Sealing Substance
COSMO SL-660.150 is mainly used in the PVC-window manufacturing, for the sealing of additional profiles during the assembling of the elements.

COSMO SL-660.150 is used by specialised companies for a quick constructional bonding of PVC-hard-materials, e.g. in the window manufacturing to bond additional profiles like weather-boarding, water bars, blind components, etc., and also to bond cover caps, drainage, protection stripes for shutters into PVC-profiles. In the exhibition and label production, for the constructional bonding of PVC-hard integral foam plates with diverse materials.

COSMO SL-660.150 offers a wide adhesion spectrum on different materials, e.g. PVC-hard, powdercoated aluminium, stone, concrete, wood, etc.

COSMO SL-660.150 possesses long-lasting, non-aging, tough elastic film properties as well as a good weathering resistance and UV-stability.

COSMO SL-660.150 is thixotrope (does not drop); compared with PVCdiffusion adhesives, it has a lower shrinkage behaviour and therefore can be used for joint sealing up to 7 mm.

Technical data sheet

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