2-part Adhesives

COSMO PU-220.180 

2-part PUR-Adhesive

Surface adhesive for the bonding of different material surfaces, e.g. PVC-hard, glass fibre reinforced plates GRP/GFK (smoothened), aluminium, colour glass, high pressure laminate (HPL), etc. onto diverse insulating materials like PUR- and PS-foam or mineral wool.

COSMO PU-220.180 offers, apart from an elastic glued joint, also a good weathering resistance and can be painted after the hardening up.

The particularly long open time offers a sufficient time slot for the processing, even under difficult climate conditions.


  • wide adhesion spectrum
  • elastic glued joint
  • can be painted after the hardening up
  • solvent-free
  • low shrinkage
  • good impact resistance
  • compensates different linear expansion of the join partners
  • suitable for machine processing (glue application roll, spray coat method, etc.)


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