1-part PUR sealing compound

PUR Sealing comound COSMO PU-160.230

Product description

COSMO PU-160.230 is a system with flowing properties for the sealing of underroofing mem-branes, underlay foils and roof lining sheets in the area of the nails and clamps as well as for the sealing of the counter batten nailing with the rafter, in order to achieve "rainproof roofing".

Special characteristics

  • notably easy handling of the dosing bottles
  • system with flowing properties
  • disconnection of the wick-effect of the fleece
  • also processable on slightly humid and dusty undergrounds
  • gap filling - also applicable on uneven bonding surfaces
  • solvent-free
  • easy, time-saving and safe handling
  • heat resistant up to +110°C
  • resistant to freezing up to -30°C 
  • processable from -5°C up

Technical information

Basis: 1-part polyurethane, solvent-free
Film property:
elastic, foaming
1000ml PE-bottlel

APPLICATION EXAMPLES Bonding and sealing of:

  • counter batten sealing of underlay membranes
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