1-part underlay sheet adhesive sealing compound

1-part underlay sheet adhesive sealing compound COSMO PU-100.120

Product description

This adhesive sealing compound is used for three different kinds of application for rainproof roofing with underlay sheets and for façade membranes:
  • sealing of the nails and clamps in the area of the counter-batten
  • bonding and sealing of the overlapping areas
  • connection to walls, gables, chimneys etc.
According to the DIN EN 13111 IBP Stuttgart tested COSMO PU-100.120 used at the overlapping and nailing on different roofing membranes concerning the resistance against passage of water. As test result, a rain safety of 100% has been certified for these test elements.

Special characteristics

  • optimal penetration properties into the fleece layer
  • disconnection of the wick-effect of the fleece
  • also processable on slightly humid and dusty undergrounds
  • gap filling - also applicable on uneven bonding surfaces
  • solvent-free
  • easy, time-saving and safe handling
  • heat resistant up to +110°C
  • resistant to freezing up to -30°C
  • processable from -5°C up

Technical information

1-part polyurethane, solvent-free
Film property:
viscoplastic, slightly foaming
Flow characteristic: thixotrope
medium-viscosity - paste-like
310ml euro cartridge, 600ml sausage

APPLICATION EXAMPLES Bonding and sealing of:

  • wind- and rain-proof bonding and sealing of underroofing, underlay- and lining sheets for roofs and façades
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