1-part assembly adhesive sealing compound

1-part adhesive sealing compound for vapour barriers DS-410.110

Product description

COSMO DS-410.110 has been especially developed for the airproof bonding of vapour barriers / steam brakes and achieves values of airtightness which even withstand hurricane force in the test cycle of pressure and suction.

The Fraunhofer institute for building physics (IBP) in Stuttgart has successfully tested the airproofness of vapour barriers / steam brakes bonded with COSMO DS-410.110 according to DIN 18055, DIN EN 42 and DIN EN 77. The use of this adhesive sealing compound easily avoids energy loss and the appearance of expensive structural damage - assuredly. 

Special characteristics

  • wide adhesion spectrum to different building materials and to conventional vapour barrier membranes
  • good compatibility to gypsum and cement plaster (pH-neutral)
  • in the competitive comparison: highest initial adhesion
  • according to Eurofins Denmark, no impairment on living space climate 
  • no corrosion on metals
  • application without pressure plate
  • wet bonding also possible on slightly humid, dusty or absorbent undergrounds
  • method of contact bonding for
  • non-absorbent undergrounds
  • favourable processing viscosity
  • self-adhesive

Technical information

acrylate polymer dispersions
Film property:
permanently elastic
medium-viscosity - paste-like
310ml euro cartridge, 600ml sausage
light blue

APPLICATION EXAMPLES Bonding and sealing of:

  • vapour barriers
  • steam brakes
  • sealing membranes
In the dry construction as well as for the assembly of windows and doors.

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