1-part assembly adhesive sealing compound

Sealing compound for airproof bonding COSMO DS-420.110

Product description

COSMO DS-420.110 is a solvent-free gap-filling and universally applicable assembly adhesive sealing compound with a particularly high initial adhesion and an elastic adhesive sealing joint.

It is mainly used as so-called „seam paste“, for the bonding of window joint tapes / waterstops onto frame profiles of window and door reveals according to the assembly standard RAL. Furthermore, this adhesive sealing compound is also ideally suited for absorbent building materials for a permanent elastic and windproof bonding of joints and construction element connections and for the sealing of vapour barriers / steam brakes in the dry construction.

Without additional mechanical fixing according to the assembly standard RAL for joint tapes /waterstops and connections, COSMO DS-420.110 can be applied at new building and for renovation according to DIN 4108-7.

Special characteristics

  • solvent-free
  • excellent adhesion on all conventional absorbent wood and building materials, ceramics, meals, duro- and thermoplastics  as well as polyolefin foils
  • no corrosion on metals
  • particularly high initial adhesive
  • good stability against early rain
  • quick functional hardness of the bonded film tapes
  • processable from -5°C up
  • resistance to freezing up to -30°C

Technical information

acrylate polymer dispersions, solvent-free
Film property:
permanently elastic
medium-viscosity - paste-like
310ml euro cartridge, 600ml sausage
pastel green - light green

APPLICATION EXAMPLES Bonding and sealing of:

  • window joint tapes / waterstops onto frame profiles and window- and door reveals
  • vapour barriers / steam brakes Also applicable in the fields:
  • building trade
  • assembly
  • industry

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