Primer / grounding

Primer / grounding COSMO PU-830.110

Product description

To enable and improve adhesion of acrylic-, butyl- and bitumen sealing tapes on different absorbing, mineral undergrounds (grounding).

After  hardening up, COSMO SP-830.110 develops a smooth, not permanently gluey film with good resistance to thermal distortion and water.

Special characteristics

  • smooth, not permanent gluey film after     hardening up
  • resistance to freezing up to -26°C
  • good resistance to thermal distortion and water
  • processable on material undergrounds from -8°C up
  • solvent-free

Technical information

watery acrylate-polymer dispersion, solvent-free
Film property:
elastic, not self-adhesive
Packaging: 1000g PE-bottle
transparent (after hardening up)

APPLICATION EXAMPLES Bonding and sealing of:

  • applicable on the following undergrounds: cement- and gypsum fibreboards, concrete, stone, brick- and lime sand masonry, soft fibreboards (natural, hydrophobized or bi-tumen coated), wood based materials, wood (planed or roughly cut), building materials in general
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