Energy saving is on the tip of everybody’s tongue 

The subject energy saving is the dominant issue in our industry. It is not just a vogue term as figures can proof. Last year we had a double-digit growth in demand for products from our highly heat-insulating product-family COSMO®ENERGY in comparison to 2009.

COSMO®ENERGY is a composite panel that features better U-values, mainly because of its thicker foam-core but also availablel as a façade element with a vacuum sealed core inside. Our premium-product and topseller is the PVC/PUR-AL panel in 36mm thickness with a U-value of 0,65 W (m² x k)

COSMO®ENERGY panels are available in an almost unlimited variety of different surfaces - please feel free to contact us.

Please klick on the Download-Link to find out more about COSMO®ENRGY.

Fire protection - also a topic for adhesives

Not only the used building- and insulating materials, structural elements, room- and walling systems are subject to the high requirements for fire protection and flame resistance, but also the adhesive systems and adhesive sealing compounds for bonding and sealing have to fulfil these properties.

Whether for the interior fitting of cruise liners, railway vehicles, ships, yachts, public complexes like airports, railroad stations, commercial centres, industrial buildings or complexes for public authorities, all over these places, high criteria for the fire protection have to be observed.

Weiss Chemie offers, for the manufacturing of the elements and component parts as well as for their mounting, tested and certified adhesive systems, which fulfil the international standards of the BG Verkehr, Hamburg, or of the U.S. Coast Guard approval.

Is fire protection a topic for you, as manufacturer or as assembly operation? Then, our company Weiss is the right partner for you for adhesives and adhesive sealing compounds.

Innovation and progress
without any ifs and buts!

We have always faced up conscientiously to themes concerning products containing dangerous substances which are subject to labelling and security advices of possible risks during the process.

“Responsible care” – this is also the guiding principle of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI) – especially this guiding principle has us motivated to develop products which can already today replace so called adhesives subject to labelling thanks their new formulation.

Constructional high-strength bonding, which was in the past only practicable with well-proven adhesive systems based on polyurethane (PUR) or epoxy (EP), is now possible, reliable and durable, with our new developed COSMOHYBRID 1814, for which we have applied for a patent.

The new constructional adhesive with convincing arguments:
  • No hazardous materials labelling
  • No R40 labelling  
  • Not subject to self-service interdiction according to the German chemicals prohibition regulation 
  • Solvent-free
  • Free of isocyanates
  • Stannous-free, no heavy metal
  • Free of softener agents
  • Silicone-free

Particular properties:
  • Extremely wide range of applications 
  • Wide adhesion spectrum on a lot of materials 
  • Very high bonding strength
  • High weather resistance
  • Good resistance to temperature variations
  • UV-resistant
  • Non-corrosive
  • High-tensile glued joint (Shore 45-D)
  • Can be grinded and over-painted
  • Optimal film formation time of 10 min.
  • Very quick full hardening
  • Non-foaming

COSMOHYBRID 1814 is available as standard in the 310 ml-cartridge; on demand, 600 ml-tubular bags, 20 l-drums and 200 l clamping-ring drums are also possible.

Please feel free to ask for a sample and further details!
SERVICE is our top priority

Consultation and service are among the core competencies of our company. In case you have any questions about the application of our adhesive systems and special cleaners, the consultants of our call centre would be pleased to provide you with professional advice. We take your questions seriously and show you how you can obtain ideal results.

Our consulting and professional services
  • we help you to establish your specifications
  • counselling on the selection of adhesives
  • advice on the optimisation of the adhesive surface geometry
  • proposals for the rationalisation of operational procedures
  • recommendation of appropriate dosing devices, application and pressing techniques
  • we help you to optimize your workplaces at processing adhesives
  • counselling on questions to the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances, the complex of problems with R40, REACH- and EU-regulation on GHS, disposal questions, etc.

Please contact us. We are pleased to help you!

Our day trading …
and this also within a few seconds

We have already engaged ourselves for 25 years
in cyanoacrylate adhesives which are generally
more familiar as so-called instant glues and are
more and more used for professional application
fields in order to obtain within a few seconds
high-strength, long-lasting and secure

With a basic assortment of 9 well-proven types,
we can serve almost every area of application;
for very particular requirements, we also develop
customised special adjustments.

For your first aid to
orientation, the basic
assortment is presented
in our new, hot off
the press flyer

The following photos give you an overview of our ultra-modern automatic CA-production line:


Weiss Chemie + Technik opens new logistics centre -
optimizing processes, increasing efficiency

After six months of construction, Weiss Chemie + Technik in Haiger launches its new logistics centre (investment volume of approximately 3 million euros).

In-time completion of new logistics centre despite hard winter

The construction of the new logistics centre began in January 2010. Despite a very hard winter, the project could be completed on schedule thanks to the involved parties’ high commitment and reliable cooperation.

The new logistics centre is located on a property of 5,000 square metres, which was purchased by Weiss in 2009. It contains three sections with storage areas for finished goods, which are separated by fire doors and walls and which are partly equipped with a Co2 extinguishing system. Moreover, the centre comprises areas for loading and commissioning, as well as office and social areas. The dispatch area can accommodate 30 trucks in total.

“By expanding our business location, we gain not only additional space, but we can also offer our customers a process-optimized service thanks to state-of-the-art warehouse technologies”, says Jürgen Grimm, CEO of the Weiss group.

The area of 3,700 square metres provides additional space for the centralised packaging and dispatching of both business divisions; moreover, 800 additional storage places for finished goods were created. Therefore, the potential storage capacity includes up to 45,000 square metres of sandwich elements, as well as 700 tons of adhesives and cleaners. Additionally, the area comprises covered storage space of approximately 800 square metres.

The aim of centralizing the logistical processes is to reduce operations and to make the flow of materials even more efficient and cost-effective than it has been. For this purpose, extensive measures have been taken in order to optimize communicational processes as well as internal processes and the flow of goods.

Furthermore, the centralisation and relocation of all logistical processes has had a direct effect on the production area of the business location Haiger. Thanks to the additional space, it is now possible to develop a completely new and leaner production layout of the business division Chemie/Chemicals; thus, additional growth potential in the production area can be generated.

dispatch area



finished goods warehouses



warehouse with Co2 extinguishing system



new packaging plant

Weiss team participates in Frankfurt footrace “JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2010”

72.741 runners in total took part in the world’s largest company footrace in Frankfurt on June 9th, 2010, and 13 members of our Weiss team were eager to accept this challenge.

For the fourth time already, we made our way to Frankfurt in order to run for team spirit, communication, colleagueship, fairness and health. As every year, the route of 5.6 km led through the city centre, from the Alte Oper to the Senckenberganlage. Our team consisted of members from both our Chemicals- and our Composite Panels division, and even our CEO Jürgen Grimm did not hesitate to join this event and to compete in the footrace as well.

It was particularly exciting for us to meet some of our customers during the footrace, or at least to see their company logos on their t-shirts from a distance. We are already looking forward to June 15th, 2011 when the next JP Morgan Corporate Challenge is scheduled, and hopefully we will participate in it once more.

COSMO Tech: facade elements meet the highest standards

With its physical building and economic benefits, the COSMO Tech facade element is the preferred choice for industrial and commercial buildings.

Our facade panels have proved themselves over many years with excellent heat and sound insulating properties in well-known buildings of European architecture.

COSMO Tech facade elements combine innovative surface design and excellent physical properties with a variety of creative design possibilities for modern architecture.

With our new brochure we give you an excellent tool for your daily work in the demanding façade business. You will find lots of practical information - from U-values and possible dimensions to the available material combinations.

Download the brand new brochure here: Link

or drop us a note to receive
printed copy (or copies) by ground mail.

Care, maintenance, service…
A legitimate portion from the CE-standardisation

In chapter 6 of product standard EN 14351, the window manufacturer and assembly company is obligated to put at the disposal of the end customer advices concerning the professional care and maintenance of the assembly parts.

Therefore, we offer you the adequate assistance!

The new Service Sets Basic and Premium complete and make perfect your service and performance package in a meaningful manner.

BASIC, the well-priced mini-set as initial equipment and give-away for the delivery and acceptance procedure.

PREMIUM, the comprehensive set for care, maintenance and conservation of value of the assembly parts.

Both set versions contain tested cleaners for window and door frames and profiles, a special oil for the maintenance and preservation of functioning of fittings and mechanics, as well as a special care for elastomer window seals.

A further service for your advertising:
The neutral design of both sets offers you an easy possibility to apply your own logo and address. A meaningful and low-priced assistance for your marketing action! Just ask us. You will receive short-term an interesting proposal. more
Smart and innovative products, bonded with
COSMO® - the adhesive brand. TRIPENDO,

that’s the name of this innovative three-wheeler.

It is not the three-wheeler itself that is new, as for many years this technique exists for bikes as well as motorbikes. The real innovation is the undercarriage. Whereas the usual tricycle is at risk of tipping and one should drive modest and carefully when cornering, TRIPENDO offers an extreme stability for cornering. The whole undercarriage tilts into the curve along with the wheels; an emotional but safe experience also at higher speeds.

Our contribution to this innovation is the 2-component-adhesive COSMOPUR 890/805 for the bonding of chassis parts. On the one hand it is essential to offer a high-strength and long-lasting bonding and on the other hand, it is necessary to absorb the impact of driving and the vibrations by a certain elasticity.

We think this is a further example for the reliable adhesive technology with
COSMO® - the adhesive brand.
Next level energy saving panels

The new product line COSMO®ENERGY “made by Weiss” takes energy saving to the next level.

High efficient and insulating yet rather thin panels to match the latest energy saving recommendations and regulations (e.g. EnEV. German code for energy saving and efficiency).

The premium core material PUR/AL provides (U value 0.65 with an overall thickness of 36 mm) sets a new milestone in energy efficient façade construction.

COSMO®ENERGY panels are available in almost the same variety of surface materials and designs as our renown COSMO Tech line panels.

Bonding on behalf of research and science

Our reference object 2009 - the polar station Neumayer III - impressively shows how the conventional joining techniques (like welding, rivetting, bolting) can be replaced by high standard bonding. The room modules have been bonded with a viscoplastic / high-strength 2-part adhesive.

Besides the required fire protection characteristics certified by an institute, a reliable constructive strength was necessary for this special application, because the bonded mobile homes had to resist a pressure of 3,000 kg during the inspection of the “Germanische Lloyd”. Furthermore the adhesive characteristics have to persist at a continuing temperature burden of up to -60°C.

Competence unites - made by Weiss.

VACUPA glass-aluminium panel ready for European markets

On Nov 25th, 2009 three VACUPA glass-aluminium panels have been tested according to EN 13501-1 / EN 13823 at the MPA (Institute for Testing of Construction Materials) in Erwitte near Paderborn.

In the so-called SBI (Single-Burning-Item) test, two panels are placed upright to simulate a corner of a room. A gas burner is put right into this corner to simulate “an unattended trash bin burning for ten minutes”, explains the responsible engineer Dipl.-Ing. Kühnen.

All temperatures and gases as well as the visible damages of the panels are lmeasured, analysed and ogged during the test procedure and stipulated in a protocol. As a result the panel achieves a three part rating:

Class (A2, B, C or D) – Smoke (0, 1, 2) – droplets (0, 1, 2)

COSMO Tech VACUPA has been tested as B – s2 – d0 and is now suitable to be installed in facades if the national legislation is in sync with the relevant EN code.

Picture taken during the test. We were safe behind fire proof glass while the gas flame penetrated the VACUPA panels.

New logistics centre

Within the next few days, we will start the building measures for the new logistics centre at our location in Haiger (total investment volume of approx. 3 million Euro). In the middle of June 2010, the building activities should have been finished and then the new centre can be put into operation.

On a total surface of 3700 m², a new area will arise for the packaging and the subsequent product shipment of our two business divisions as well as for storage space for finished products. Our declared objective is, due to the centralisation of logistics processes, to tighten the operation procedures in order to reorganise the flow of material more efficiently and cost-optimised as until now.

Thanks to the displacement of logistics processes to the new area, space is released, and this gives us the possibility to reorganise the manufacturing layout of our business division chemicals, whereby additional growth potential in the production field will arise.

Particular advantages for our customers will be a better product availability due to the extension of the storage surface, and furthermore, the possibility of a later planned round-the-clock shipment.

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