Competence unites

Pioneering spirit and the ability to understand changes again and again as chances, these qualities are noticeable in our company, since more than 190 years, and they still unite us with our beginnings.

As grown family business, we respect the performance of the tradition, which had a formative influence on us: the will to continue to grow together – with a conscious experienced responsibility for our employees, our business partners, our shareholders, the public and our environment.

We have specifically developped our competence in the adhesive and compound elements technology and this has enabled us to make glue connections which meet the highest requirements and withstand a lot of different kinds of loads.

Competence which unites. It unites us with everybody who engages himself for our company, with partners whose performance optimizes ours, with shareholders who support the growth of a dynamic company group, and with our customers whose trust is based in our know-how.

Long-lasting connections which are profitable for both sides are always our aim.

We will use our competence and our strength in our innovative development work close to the market, in order to consolidate and extend our market position.

With the extension of our range of products in line with the market needs and with investments in new technologies, we optimally fulfil the present and future market requirements. Only on this condition, we can guarantee our customers decisive advantages. In this way, we will successfully continue our expansion on our international markets, we will safeguard and create jobs, and we will develop our company positively.

Competence unites –

People within our company,
past and future,
responsibility and progress.

Marilyn Müller
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Energy saving is on the tip of everybody’s tongue 

The subject energy saving is the dominant issue in our industry. It is not just a vogue term as figures can proof. Last year we had a double-digit growth in demand for products from our highly heat-insulating product-family COSMO®ENERGY in comparison to 2009.

COSMO®ENERGY is a composite panel that features better U-values, mainly because of its thicker foam-core but also availablel as a façade element with a vacuum sealed core inside. Our premium-product and topseller is the PVC/PUR-AL panel in 36mm thickness with a U-value of 0,65 W (m² x k)

COSMO®ENERGY panels are available in an almost unlimited variety of different surfaces - please feel free to contact us.

Please klick on the Download-Link to find out more about COSMO®ENRGY.

Energy saving is on the tip of everybody’s tongue
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